Maine Country Music Hall of Fame
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Preamble - As we associate ourselves together in this organization, let us remember that we do it for the following reasons:

To preserve the memories of those who have preceded us in this field of endeavor. To perpetuate the incidents that have brought us and our profession to the stature that members of our organization enjoy. To install in each of us the sense or responsibility to always strive to work and perform in a manner that will bring the greatest esteem to our profession. To always strive, in our dealings with each other, and those for whom we perform or supply our services, to treat them with respect, integrity, honesty, and a sense of fair play. To help others who seek aid, when grievances are brought. To promote Country Music, in all its various categories and names, in a manner that shall keep it clean, wholesome, enjoyable and pleasurable form of entertainment for all people. To endure toward supplying the fans, followers, and participants to our chosen field, the best that is within us. All this to Preserve, Promote, Perform, and continue Country Music as an enduring form of entertainment for all.




























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The Ken and Simone MacKenzie Award

This award is presented with the cooperation of the Maine Country Music Association and the MacKenzie Family. The award is presnted to a person or persons who have proven their devotion to Traditional Country Music. The winner of this award is chosen by the MacKenzie Family. The selection is based on information given to the family by the Maine Country Music Association. Although this award is not an annual award and may not be given every year, the family will make every effort to recognize those individuals who have given freely of themsleves to preserve the roots of country music.



1995 - Inagural award presented to
Elizabeth "Betty" Gribbin
on 22 Oct 1995


1996 - This years award was presented to
Gene and Flo Hooper
on 20 Oct 1996




1997 - This years award was presented to
Yodeling Slim Clark
on 19 Oct 1997


1998 - This Years award was presented to
Rusty Rogers
on 18 Oct 1998


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